Do you have a Moody Mare?

Do you have a Moody Mare?

One of the most common causes for mares being moody is?changes to their hormone balance. As with all animals including us, different stages of the breeding cycle will have an affect on hormone levels. In some cases where these levels can be out of balance to the point of quite dramatic mood swings.?

?A mares mood swings are typically accompanied by irritability, muscular tension, erratic behaviour patterns and a generally uncooperative attitude.?This quintessential ?mare-ish? behaviour can cause disruptions to training and competition schedules, as some mares become reactive, hard to handle or unfocused in their work.

Impruval may offer benefits for hormonal mares by supporting normal hormone balance and also may be beneficial as a pre and post event recovery supplement for all horses. During periods of intense activity, particularly during multi-day events, a horses nutritional requirements are significantly increased.??This includes a greater demand for vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and energy. If these demands are not met, horses may suffer stress which may lead to ulcers, build up of lactic acid in muscles and poor recovery time. Impruval contains a mixture of herbal and nutritional ingredients which may support digestion and mineral intake, normal stress levels and normal recovery time. Impruval may also support the horses normal endocrine system.?

Impruval is designed to help improve your horse's attitude, performance and recovery. ?


  • Helps promote normal hormonal balance ??
  • Helps support normal brain and nerve function ??
  • Enhances exercise tolerance ??
  • Supports normal recovery time after strenuous activity

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