Placid Rein v Placid Rein PLUS

What is the difference between Placid Rein and Placid Rein PLUS?

Placid Rein includes vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6. The vitamin B group is a complex mixture that play vital roles within the horse's body. It may influence and modify nervous behaviour. Vitamin B has been added to Placid Rein to help support the nervous system when the body is stressed, this may improve the horse's attitude and focus when in testing or new environments by supporting the normal functions of the body.

Placid Rein PLUS includes the same as Placid Rein but with the addition of Resveratrol and Withania.

  • Resveratrol has been added as it is an antioxidant that may help the body efficiently detoxify free radicals and it shows signs of being cardio-protective and anti-inflammatory.
  • Withania also known as ashwagandha, is a valued herb that may have calming, de-stressing, and mood-lifting properties. It may help with tension and stress during events and training. Placid Rein and Placid Rein PLUS can be used long term, as well as in lead up to events to aid in pre-event nerves and stress.

The importance of Magnesium

Magnesium plays an important role in horses. Here's why:

Anxiety and Magnesium: In horses, magnesium deficiency may also be associated with anxiety-related behaviours. Supplementing magnesium to correct deficiencies has been suggested to help attenuate anxiety symptoms in some cases. However, it's important to note that excessive magnesium intake beyond the horse's requirements will not have a further impact on anxiety conditions.

Muscle Contraction: Magnesium plays a vital role in muscle contraction and relaxation in horses. It is involved in the regulation of calcium channels, which are necessary for the proper functioning of muscles. Adequate magnesium levels are essential for normal muscle function and coordination.

Energy Production: Magnesium is a co-factor in numerous enzymatic reactions involved in energy metabolism in horses. It is necessary for the synthesis and utilization of ATP, the energy currency of the body. Magnesium helps convert food into usable energy and supports overall energy production.

Muscle and Bone Health: Magnesium is important for the development and maintenance of healthy muscles and bones in horses. It contributes to protein synthesis, which is crucial for muscle building and repair. Additionally, magnesium aids in the absorption and utilization of calcium, promoting optimal bone strength.

Magnesium and Calcium: Similar to humans, magnesium and calcium work in synergy in horses. They support each other's functions in the body and contribute to the proper functioning of muscles, nerves, and other physiological processes. Adequate magnesium levels are necessary for optimal calcium absorption and utilisation. In summary, magnesium plays a critical role in horses' overall health and well-being. It is involved in muscle function, energy production, muscle development, and bone health. Magnesium deficiency may be linked to anxiety-related behaviours in horses, and correcting deficiencies through supplementation may help alleviate these symptoms. However, it is important to ensure balanced magnesium intake and consult with a veterinarian to determine the appropriate supplementation for individual horses.

Placid Rein and Placid Rein PLUS both contain; Magnesium Proteinate, which makes up the majority of the Magnesium in Placid rein. Chelate of magnesium and amino acids. Chelates have higher solubility (better digestibility) than non-chelated

"I feel Placid Rein Plus to be instrumental to his continued positive health, training and development and I cannot speak highly enough of the product, not only for cases like mine but for nervous or anxious horses across varying breeds and disciplines." - Vanessa

So yesterday I took Electronic Fortune to his first show jump training day since he retired from racing in Hong Kong last year. He is usually very highly strung around other horses so I always feed Equitec Placid Rein for training at home. I was expecting this to be quite stressful for him (the floating and the show itself) so I switched him to the Placid Rein PLUS for 5 days before to reduce his nerves and he was impeccably behaved! It was the first time he's seen more than one cross rail and apart from a couple of refusals he cleared every jump with feet to spare! He also stood tied to the float all day like a pro! For extra peace of mind I recommend giving the Placid Rein PLUS a try! - Lisa Jones

"Mac, one of my young guns, arrived at my place at the end of last year looking a bit ?dull?. After a course of Clean Culture (another amazing Stance Equitec product) and a couple of months on my staple Stance Equitec CoolStance and supplements he was looking and feeling a million dollars. This of course presented its own set of problems as his attention span went completely out the window and he turned into the worlds biggest spook! I first started him on Toxin Binder and noticed an improvement, and now with the addition of Placid Rein I'm blown away by how much more rideable he has become.- Asha Warnock

Placid Rein

- For behaviour problem management
- Helps maintain calmness
- Helps manage normal stress
- May improve focus and attitude

Placid Rein PLUS

- For behaviour problem management
- Helps maintain calmness
- May improve focus and attitude
- With resveratrol and withania