Simple Feeding System

Horses are designed to eat little and often.  With our busy lifestyles, it is convenient for us to feed horses twice a day.  With feeds such as grains (which are high in Sugar and Starch  or NSC),  this causes massive spikes in both insulin and glucose, which contributes to metabolic chaos.  These feeds are FAST FOODS.

Coolstance is a SLOW FOOD.  It can be fed twice a day, and does not cause increases in insulin and glucose.  This is a reason why CoolStance is a SIMPLE feed. 
CoolStance is

  • GMO free
  • No additives, chemicals, preservatives, fillers
  • Grain free

Stance Equine Feeding System Recommendations

  • Feed medium quality grass hay, check for seed heads in hay.
  • Remove all grains and grain based feeds, and treats unless your horse is in active work. The aim is to reduce the total sugar and starch intake to <12%
  • Feed 1-8lb per day of CoolStance depending on body condition and activity level

CoolStance can be fed wet or dry (See YouTube Video)

  • Add trace minerals and vitamins (VitaStance eg VitaStance in Australia)
  • Access to fresh clean water

What this means to you

  • Peace of mind that you are providing your horse with a natural feed, free from GMOs, Additives and Fillers
  • You don?t have to mix lots of feeds ? Saving you time mixing rations and supplements to get the benefits of a wholefood
  • You can feed Coolstance in two feeds, morning and night
  • You can?t overfeed, most horses are self regulating with CoolStance and will only eat as much as they require
  • The products have a long shelf life if stored correctly (in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight)
  • CoolStance has been fed internationally for nearly 20years with thousands of people and their horses enjoying the unique benefits of this coconut based product
  • Once you start, you won't stop