Supporting Liver and Kidney Function with Hepadine®

Supporting Liver and Kidney Function with Hepadine

Hepadine is a supplement formulated with lipotropics, a group of nutrients that play a vital role in maintaining normal liver function by promoting the exportation of fat out of the liver. In addition to its effects on the liver, Hepadine may also offer assistance in supporting kidney function.  Here are some additional points regarding the potential effects of Hepadine on kidney and liver function: 

  • Liver Function: The liver has multiple essential functions in the body, including regulating energy metabolism, synthesizing proteins, detoxifying harmful substances, and producing bile for digestion. Lipotropics present in Hepadine may support the liver's ability to process and metabolize fats, helping maintain normal liver function. By promoting fat exportation from the liver, Hepadine can potentially assist in reducing the accumulation of excessive fat, which may help prevent or alleviate liver conditions such as fatty liver disease. 
  • Kidney Function: While Hepadine is primarily focused on supporting liver function, certain nutrients and compounds can have indirect benefits for kidney health. The kidneys play a crucial role in filtering blood, regulating fluid and electrolyte balance, and excreting waste products. A healthy liver function is vital for overall body homeostasis, including maintaining optimal kidney function. By promoting normal liver function, Hepadine may indirectly support kidney health.

Hepadine may assist with kidney and liver function. Remember, maintaining a well-balanced diet, providing clean water, and implementing proper management practices are fundamental for supporting the overall health and function of the liver and kidneys in horses.


  • Helps maintain normal liver and kidney function 
  • Supports normal detoxification 
  • Helps promote proper urine mineral balance