When does my horse need ProMune?

When does my horse need ProMune?

During the winter months, horses can be susceptible to respiratory issues like coughs and colds, which can cause the accumulation of mucus, leading to chest congestion and difficulties in breathing. These breathing challenges can have a negative impact on their activity levels and performance. Additionally, horses may experience a decrease in immune function following stressful events, intense activity, seasonal changes, relocation, injury, surgery, or vaccinations.

  • Immune System Support: ProMune may contain ingredients that are believed to support the horse's immune system. This can be beneficial during the winter months when horses are more susceptible to respiratory issues and other illnesses. By providing immune support, the product may help strengthen the horse's defences against infections and promote overall health.   
  • Respiratory Health: Coughs, colds, mucus build-up, and chest congestion can impact a horse's respiratory system, leading to breathing difficulties and reduced performance. Some immune-supportive products, like ProMune, may include ingredients aimed at promoting respiratory health and alleviating these symptoms.   
  • Recovery from Stressful Events: Horses can experience depleted immune function after periods of stress, intense activity, changes in season or location, injury, surgery, or vaccinations. In such cases, providing additional nutritional support to boost the immune system can be beneficial. ProMune may contain ingredients that aid in the recovery process and help horses regain their optimal immune function.

My horse, Baci, was struck down by an unknown virus. He was listless and refused to eat anything aside from grass and hay (this was a concern due to the shortage of both grass and hay). I needed him to return to eating his hard feed as soon as possible as it was winter and I did not want his condition to deteriorate. 

ProMune was recommended by the Sales team of Stance Equitec. As he would not eat any hard feed, I tried to give him ProMune by itself. Baci licked it straight from the palm of my hand with no complaint. The next day I mixed the ProMune with a handful of CoolStance Copra which he willingly consumed. After a few days of repeating the ProMune and Copra mix, Baci began to become eager for his hard feed and within a week he returned to his usual antics. - Emma


  • ProMune Immune system support 
  • Supports the body's innate resistance to pathogens 
  • Contains prebiotics 
  • Ingredients: Echinacea, Astragalus Powder, Withania Powder, Reishi Mushroom, MSM, Andrographis, Liquid Sea Minerals, Diamond V Yeast and Mannan Oligosaaccharides (prebiotics).